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We deliver Squiz Matrix Development services autonomously, in tandem with your internal team, advising your digital agency or with other freelance suppliers. The FrontStage team will work closely with you to define and solve your content and technology marketing challenges. We'll build and deliver your extraordinary digital experiences. Read more about our services offering.

Set your Strategy
The strategy sets the path for the content and creative process of improvement
Plan Content & UX
The creative and content must be supported by and consider the technology capability
Design and Build
The solution fits the team, time and budget constraints and is measured against goals.

Our Squiz Matrix development services team

Dave Oakley
Agency Owner, Squiz and Hubspot development partner
Alex Shopov
Squiz Matrix 6 Front End Developer & Backend Implementer
Alex Foy
Squiz Matrix 6 Developer & Technical Consultant
Tom Wilson
Squiz Matrix & Bootstrap Front End Developer & SEO & GA4 Reporting

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University Website Refresh

The University of Notre Dame has been working with FrontStage Digital for over two years. In the last six months of 2023, Deloitte Digital and the Humaan design agency developed a series of new designs for the website templates and primary navigation. FrontStage then re-developed the squiz website. The in-house team re-structured the website and over 20 new page components were developed to match this new design. The site now has a completely new look, aligns better with the brand and, importantly, has improved the user experience for prospective students.

87% Click through from program search results

The results for The Univeristy of Notre Dame were impressive. With 300 programs available to students, the search results pages loaded in less than one second. The responsive card layouts for the results page performed well on mobile and desktop. 87% of visitors to the page clicked-through to discover more about a course that interested them.

Study Landing Page
Undergraduate Landing Page
Postgraduate Landing Page
Program Search (Find a Degree)

Squiz Matrix 91% SEO Optimised

Baptcare is an Aged Care service provider of Residential Aged Care, Home Care and a range of other care services. Through a series of human centred design, content and web development projects over two years, we created more engagement, connected lead capture into SalesForce and took technical SEO from 74% optimised to 91% optimised. We also extended the Baptcare design system and created new page templates, modernising the overall site look and feel.

Since partnering with Baptcare, they've had a steady increase in organic traffic for Home Care services. SEO is constantly being optimised, resulting in site speed and performance improvements.

Gartner reviews of the Squiz DXP

  • Gartner Review 5Star-1
    "A Collaborative Approach To Digital/Web Transformation"
    "Our experience with Squiz and their DXP has been work-life-changing. Their DXP has brought our organisation into the 21st century, and helped align our business and development processes with best practice." Read more on Gartner ->
  • Gartner Review 5Star-2
    "An all-in-one digital solution!"
    "Squiz is one of those platforms which does multiple services under a single roof. To note the major ones, Squiz provided unparalleled CMS and web analytics services which provide immense value to the company. " Read more on Gartner ->

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Dave has helped marketers and communication professionals build Squiz Websites, CRMs and integrate other marketing technologies. This created opportunities to grow lists of members, donors, subscribers, and students and nurture new customers. Dave has created almost every type of content used on the web, from 3D worlds to well-crafted web copy, supporting engagement and communication goals. Get in touch today to discuss your aspirations in digital.

Dave's past project experience

As an Account Manager at Squiz, I partnered with government departments, Victorian Universities, TAFEs, museums, aged care providers, arts and non-profit organisations. Together we created large scale strategic digital projects. Some examples are listed below.

DELWP Vic Government

Squiz Matrix Website Development: DELWP had over 30 Websites with different designs! Dave worked with the digital leadership team at DELWP to establish a design system and platform rebuild, resulting in a more unified site structure using the trusted Vic Government brand, and relaunched a new set of sites and reducing ongoing site maintenance. www.deeca.vic.gov.au

TAC Victoria

Squiz Matrix Website Development: Working for the TAC communications and digital leadership group, Dave facilitated design workshops to set goals and generate ideas to transform the TAC website, increasing self-service online for people who'd had an accident, increasing transparency for health service providers and making it easier to get in touch with a real person. www.tac.vic.gov.au

Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

Squiz Matrix Website development: The Victorian Building Authority were using the Squiz Matrix CMS, but their website had become outdated and didn't meet their communication goals. Dave worked with the project team at VBA and leveraged a series of human centre design workshops, engaging over 30 stakeholders across the whole organisation, delivered an all-new web experience with better User Experience (UX) and searchability.  https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/ 

Repco GPC

Marketing Automation Strategy: Dave ran a series of Marketing Automation strategy workshops with the General managers across the Repco and GPC business units. The scope of the workshops looked at the future of the business and it's need to adapt to become more sophisticated at Marketing, Marketing Automation and use of a CRM. Dave created a detailed Digital strategy and marketing automation plan for online sales growth. https://gpcasiapac.com/our-businesses/automotive-parts-division/repco-australia-new-zealand/ 

Oxford University Press

Squiz Matrix Website Development: As the account manager for OUP at Squiz, Dave managed a website re-development to improve the search experience for finding books and book collections and improve the look and feel of the site. Dave partnered with the OUP marketing team over a number of years, working on CRM strategy and Marketing Automation strategy projects, and, in 2019, joined the OUP supplier and staff hack day, winning the best project award on the day worth $40,000 to build a product discovery engine. https://www.oup.com.au/ 

The University of Melbourne

Squiz Matrix Development & Hosting: Dave worked with IT leaders at the University of Melbourne to move their hosting from In-house to the Squiz cloud. This resulted in significant performance improvements and less downtime. Following this move, Dave worked with the University to create a design system and set of controlled environments that allowed the university to manage the brand presence online and give access to the website to over 1000 content authors. The overall website design was then built in-house by the University web development team and rolled out university-wide. https://www.unimelb.edu.au/ 

Monash University

Squiz Matrix Development and Design: At the time when Monash University was moving from their old CMS onto the Squiz Matrix platform, Dave led a design project that re-shaped the universities web presence. The initial project was for Study Monash , which then rolled out across all faculties and units of the organisation. Since then, the university has managed its web presence with in-house Squiz Developers, supported by Squiz for projects and web platform maintenance.  https://www.monash.edu/study 

La Trobe University

Marketing Automation and Squiz Website Development: Over three years, Dave worked with LaTrobe University IT and marketing teams to improve the use of the Squiz Matrix CMS, build in-house Squiz Developer skills and expand into the world of Marketing Automation. Dave leads a team to create a detailed marketing automation and content marketing strategy, delivering a 3% higher retention of enrolments in the first year. https://www.latrobe.edu.au/ 


Squiz Website Development and SEO: Dave worked with the Baptcare web team to increase the SEO results of the site to over 90%. Other major projects undertaken with the Baptcare Home Care team, Dave lead workshops to identify customer journeys and customer personas. We then untangled the complex world of My Aged Care to deliver an effectively structured, highly accessible and easy-to-understand web journey for anyone considering Home Care. https://www.baptcare.org.au/ 

TAFE Gippsland

Squiz Matrix Website Development: Dave worked with the Marketing and IT team at Tafe Gippsland to rebuild their Squiz website from scratch. The website, re-built in 2017, continues to serve the TAFE and has been progressively improved and well-maintained by the in-house team. Some improvements to the site include integration to SalesForce for leads, integration to the course management platform and improvements to the course page print functionality, saving many thousands of dollars on printing each year. https://www.tafegippsland.edu.au/ 


The Squiz DXP is an Australian-made, world-class Gartner magic quadrant-rated platform for building digital experiences.

FrontStage Digital became an official Squiz DXP development partner in 2023. Our team members are ex-Squiz and ex-Squiz clients. 

Why Squiz DXP? We are passionate about supporting Australian technology and innovation. We've worked with Squiz clients and technology for over ten years and have industry experince in a wide range of sectors including education and government.


We work with purpose-driven organisations delivering services to the communities that need them the most. Non-Profits, Government Agencies and in Education

Our unique approach to partnering with clients is to coach and empower teams to become self-sufficient and get the most from their Squiz  DXP platform.

Dave Oakley (Founder) has hands-on experience collaborating with stakeholders, setting strategies and obtaining buy-in for digital projects large and small.


We support Community First Development, a first nations community development and research non profit organisation, promoting the skills, talents and cultural strength of indigenous people, delivering positive changes for their communities.