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Hubspot Digital Marketing Services

1. Set your Strategy
First and foremost, we apply design thinking strategically to every project. From defining audiences to choosing channels and outperforming competitors, your digital marketing strategy is based on clever thinking.
2. Plan Content & UX
Using the research from your strategy, we start to plan the content and the end-user experience. Focusing on your goals and the user needs we make both your organisation and the customer's lives as simple as possible.
3. Design & Build
We deliver digital projects that seamlessly integrate with your front and back stage. We use common tools like websites and CRMs and deliver a data driven, connected customer experience from end to end.

HubSpot case studies

We deliver integrated solutions using the HubSpot product suite.

Our customer case studies and references are available on request.


Our services catalogue

We can help you create a digital marketing strategy, website or ad campaign using the following services and methods:

Website research
We'll look into your analytics data to see who's using your website, from where and what devices are the most popular. We'll conduct user interviews or surveys to gather insights about your customers. We'l look at your competitors to see what they are doing well and where they might be lacking and we'll find keywords that are critical to your success with SEO and organic results.
Project strategy workshops

Trained in facilitation by Groupworks, we facilitate projects from conception and co-develop vision, goals and metrics.

Digital strategy

Using available resources and data, we create a best-practice digital marketing strategy leveraging your in-house capability and your marketing goals and objectives.

Customer personas

Through research and interviews we create buyer personas for sales and marketing, PPC campaigns and website content creation.

Customer Journey Maps
Through research, workshops and testing, we create detailed end to end customer journey maps, for planning your digital marketing initiatives.
SEO website audits

Using tools like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) rush and Google Analytics, identify areas for SEO improvements on your website and manage the rollout of changes to the site.

Content development
Our award-winning copywriting team can develop content for your web pages that sets you apart. We can also develop writing style guides for your website so you can be empowered to create content yourselves that's always on brand.
Website wireframes
Our design team will set up website wireframes based on the outcomes from the strategy and the research with users. We'll look at your competitors and your user's top tasks to lay out a mobile-first approach to your new website.
User testing
We'll take your website wireframes and IA and test these (moderated or unmoderated) with users to see what's working. Can they perform their top tasks? Will they be able to find the information they need? What can we improve to make their jobs easier? using this testing, we'll iterate on the wireframes and improve the overall plan and design for the website.
Lead capture & management
We implement HubSpot to capture leads using your website, leveraging automation in HubSpot for ads, forms, emails and meeting appointments.
Website design
Our designers will take your brand and vision for the website and design a responsive website using an iterative approach. We start with some mobile home page concepts using your brand colours and styles and build out to a desktop design for the home page and navigation. Once that style is agreed, we will design every page and page template in Figma, ready for the website developers.
Technical specifications

We use clear, structured language that empowers digital technology teams to quickly build accurate solutions. We use tools like JIRA, and Trello to set up the tasks to be completed for a website build.

Website development

Using a theme or an existing website, we develop new websites and pages in Squiz Matrix, WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace and Drupal.

Lead capture integration

We'll create pages and components on your website that connect your forms to your CRM or internal systems for the nurturing and management of leads and subscribers.

Marketing automation

We create actionable plans for automating ‘top of the funnel’ marketing activities that result in more streamlined and efficient use of your sales team’s time.

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